Campfire Safety - What You Need to Know

July 12, 2021

Campfire Safety - What You Need to Know

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We all remember that bear telling us that we are the only ones that can prevent forest fires, right? Well, it’s true. Whether you are enjoying the warmth of a small fire in the backyard or cooking dinner out in the woods, it is crucial to have basic knowledge of campfire safety. Campfires can provide us with warmth, entertainment, light, warm food, and comfort. That being said the benefits don’t outweigh the cost if something was to go wrong. We hope to provide you with some tips to stay safe and enjoy your campfire at your campsite.


#1 Make Sure Campfires Are Allowed at Your Site

Every campground varies in its rules and regulations, so it is best to check that campfires are allowed in your area before starting one up. At some sites, they may only be permitted in a fire pit or with other specific conditions, like when a fire ban isn’t in place in the area. Always do your research first.


#2 Check Your Environment

What is the wind like? Are there too many long hanging branches close to your fire pit area? Have you removed all the flammable items that may be nearby? Take an inventory of your surroundings before setting up your fire. The Bear has some tips and tricks for picking the perfect spot here.


#3 Set Up Your Fire Pit

Dig a pit or grab a commercially made fire pit. When building a pit, circle it with rocks and clear the surrounding Find a spot that is upwind for extra wood and keep it away from the fire. Nearby fill a bucket with water and have a shovel handy to tend the fire.


#4 Light the Campfire & Throw the Match In

Once you have lit your fire make sure the match goes in the fire or all of your careful preparations could be for nothing. Forgetting about the match can lead to some unforeseen hazards.


#5 Never Leave A Campfire Unattended

If you take away one tip from this article, please remember to never leave your fire unattended. It’s simple. Someone responsible needs to be outside and attentively watching the fire. Like we said at the beginning only you can prevent a forest fire. Use commons sense and stay with your campfire. If you need to leave, put it out.


#6 Put Out the Fire

When you are done with the campfire, cover it with water, stir it up until it's well saturated, and then add more water. Be sure that the fire is completely out and cold before you leave the area. If it is still radiating heat, you need to continue to add water.


Thank you for following the rules for fire safety and helping keep everyone safe. What are your favorite things to do around the campfire? Tell us in the comments below.

Stay Safe,

Wise Owl Team

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