5 Outside Summer Activities for Kids

July 26, 2021

5 Outside Summer Activities for Kids

Hi WOO Family,

Summer vacation has settled upon us like a thin film of sunscreen and a lot of parents are already growing tired of hearing those melancholy strains of, “I’m sooo boooored.” While boredom can be good for kids it can force them to become creative on their own, it can make for a long summer. We have some ideas to for you and your kiddos to get outdoors and break the boredom spell.

Backyard Hang

Of course, we are going to recommend picking up one of our awesome Owlet Hammocks for the kids. Set it up in the backyard, put on some music (have you checked out our Spotify) and let them rock themselves into a peaceful nap. Let them choose the tunes or tell them to describe what the clouds look like. This increases creativity in a relaxed setting.


Whether you are going to a local park or just hanging in the backyard picnics are always fun. Let the kids help create the menu (within reason of course), pull out a blanket (or Lazy Mat), and just check in with each other. Have them rate the food as though they are a fancy food critic. Warning: kids can be harsh, even when it comes to pb&j.

Setup a Backyard Obstacle Course

Through the hula hoop, under the lawn chair and over the garden gnome. Obstacle courses are a perfect way for the kids to run out some energy in the backyard. This activity is giving us some Legends of the Hidden Temple vibes plus it teaches children problem solving skills. Building these skills at a young age will help them throughout life.

Go for a Walk

It can be around the neighborhood or on a local walking trail just get them out and keep them moving. Walking participates in building cardiac and respiratory capacity. It also strengthens the muscles in their legs, feet and arms if they choose to walk at a brisker pace. This can easily be combined with a nature scavenger hunt or a fun bird watching activity.

Outdoor Chores

This may seem like a benefit for the parents but doing outdoor chores will help get your kids outside and teach them a sense of responsibility. We also suggest finding someone in your neighborhood that may need help getting outdoor work done and helping them out. This builds a sense of community and definitely wins you some karma points.

We hope we have helped you fight the Summer boredom bug with our ideas but would love to hear what you are up to. Tell us in the comments below! 

Get Outside,

The Wise Owl Team

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