Wise Owl’s Guide to the Best Hammock Accessories of 2022

April 11, 2022

Wise Owl’s Guide to the Best Hammock Accessories of 2022

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long day of hiking in the mountains, or you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long day of sitting at a desk in the throws of a seemingly unending capitalist dystopia, nothing quite says peace like a hammock with all the bells and whistles to keep you swinging in satisfaction.

However, the world of hammocks and hammock accessories is a high-speed and ever changing one, and knowing just which accessories you need to enhance your swinging experience may be hard to keep up with for even the experienced hammock head (that’s what we call people who like hammocks in the business). How are we mere mortals expected to keep up with every hammock trend there is? 

Well, you can’t. But you can read this great and super-helpful article we wrote to give you a better understanding of the must-have accessories for hammocks that will take your hammock hangout time from average to amazing. Read on for a thorough analysis of the essential tools everyone who owns a hammock can get to make their relaxation station even better! 

kid using a hammock bug net a hammock accessories must

Are Hammock Accessories Even Necessary?

Yep - but which ones you need depends on what you’re doing. If you’re just installing a hammock in your backyard or inside your home, you won’t need as many hammock accessories as someone who is hammock camping in the wilderness. Recreational backyard hammocking is a low-key affair, while hammock camping is an experience you need to prepare for.

Here’s a short guide to help you break it down:

For In-Home Hammocks:

Even luxurious indoor hammocks need a few extras to have around! Don’t miss out on: 

An Extra Hammock Hanging Kit

Installing an in-house hammock is a game changer (we have a beautiful hammock chair right here that makes for an incredible centerpiece to a room). It gives people a place to sit, sleep, and/or veg out, it makes a great spot to read, and you don’t have to deal with the elements of nature like mosquitos or harmful UV rays or hammock-eating bears.
However, stuff gets lost. Hammocks require very specific carabiners, nails, hooks, and screws to install, so you’ll want to have an extra set around in case one of those little parts gets lost. Trust us - these are hammock accessories you can’t skip.

For Outdoor Hammocks:

To keep your outdoor hammock in the absolute best condition all year round, you’ll need these accessories for hammocks:

Everything above, plus…

Hammock Tree Straps

Tree straps are essential hammock accessories to have around for outdoor hammocks, because they provide an easier alternative to hammering a hammock hook into your poor tree. Durable hammock tree straps like these work with any hammock, include ripstop material, and take less than a minute to set up. It’s a win/win!

A Hammock Sleeve

Hammocks aren’t indestructible. Just like humans, if hammocks are exposed to the elements for too long, they’re prone to wear and tear - so you’ll need some hammock accessories to get the longest life out of your hammock you can! Specifically, you should have a hammock sleeve on deck. This hammock cover from Wise Owl is durable, waterproof, made of rip-stop nylon, and is the ideal sleeve to protect your hammock from exposure. It keeps your hammock strong for way longer, so it honestly pays for itself after a certain point. A must-have! 

For Hammock Camping:

Hammock camping is a whole other entity. In order to camp comfortably with nature’s unforgiving uncertainty, you’ll want to have these separate hammock accessories:

Everything above, plus…

A Hammock Bug Net

Unless you're winter camping in some snow-ridden mountains, you’re going to need this. Mosquitos are vicious little monsters that will stop at nothing to ensure that your sleep cycle is interrupted by the worst itches of your life. This one’s got all the perks and more: it’s spacious, fully enclosed, super durable, has a 30ft long ridge line and a double-sided zipper, and it comes with a ripstop compression bag to make travel light and easy. Snug and bug-free.

A Hammock Underquilt

No one wants to sleep with a cold butt, and it gets really, really cold in most places at night - even the desert! You’ll want an extra blanket or two to keep yourself warm and cozy in your hammock! Our underquilt is one of our favorite accessories for hammocks: it comes in 2 colors (very important for some of us), and can withstand just about any weather condition you find yourself in (unless it’s a tornado or like…a hurricane. Or a tsunami. Or a mudslide. You get what we’re saying here). It’s water resistant, comes with a bag to carry it in, and only ways about 1.86 lbs - perfect for hiking!

A Waterproof Hammock Tarp

Do we even need to explain? (We will anyway.) Hammock tarps are great for rain, snow, and wind. They keep you nice and dry and free of hypothermia if you get caught in the rain! It also keeps your hammock nice and dry after a day of hiking or adventuring. It’s touted as a hammock camping accessory, but really this would be ideal for an outdoor hammock too! You’ll need this if you’re camping anywhere that isn’t the desert, so don’t skip this one, folks.

Hammock Blanket is a Must Have Hammock Accessories

Other Must Have Hammock Accessories of 2022

These may not be mandatory hammock accessories, but we couldn’t leave them out - they’re too useful! If you want to camp in style without the cost, try out these amazing items:

A Camping & Travel Pillow 

These were so close to being mandatory hammock accessories that we here at Wise Owl actually had an in-office debate. These pillows are heavenly. Imagine the comfort of your pillow at home, but under the stars. No longer do you need to sleep uncomfortably on a scrunched up sweater and wake up with a headache, or use your arm to sleep on only for you to wake up and it has fallen completely asleep. These lightweight, great-for-travel pillows are perfect for the outdoor elements, can be easily washed, and can be compressed down super easily. There’s really no con here, you should get 1 or 2 just to have around, even if you don’t camp much. 

An Insulated Blanket

You’re going to get cold. That’s just a fact. You could bring an extra blanket from home, but a) it’s probably not insulated, and b) it’s going to get all dirty from nature’s bounty. We recommend getting a blanket that’s designed for outdoor use - the Wise Owl insulated blanket is for snuggling up by the campfire, or staying warm in your cabin tent. We also have an amazing picnic blanket/tarp too, which is a great solution for those who hate getting mud on their butt when they sit down.

Final Thoughts

Any (and all) of these products should be on your camping checklist this year, so don’t miss out! Get any one of these hammock accessories for a game-changing hammock camping experience - and if you’re looking for any other amazing camping gear, just check out our website

Happy spring, hammock heads! 


Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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