The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

November 30, 2020



We all have a friend or family member that has really gotten in touch with nature (hey, that person might even be you!), and what better way to show them you care than by giving them the ultimate outdoor experience this holiday season

There’s no better gift than the gift of nature (as far as I know), but the closest things to it that you can wrap in a box are unique hiking and camping gifts that can help them experience even more of the outdoors. 

Now, nature is a vast and beautiful expanse that can be explored in many different ways. Whether your loved one likes camping, hiking, or just basking in nature, we’re going to help you. How, you ask? 

By giving you this expansive holiday guide of gifts for outdoor lovers, of course! In here you’ll find everything you need to wow (or woo) the nature nut in your life - from tarps to camping hammocks to camping gear and everything in between. This blog is divided up by interest: hiking, camping, travel, and gifts for when you just don’t know what to give

Strap your boots on, and let’s get on the gift guide trail!

What Do You Buy Someone Who is Outdoorsy?

There is so much to do outdoors. Like, so much to do. I don’t understand how people can pick just one thing. BUT, assuming you have a budget, it may be good to narrow down your loved one’s interests. If they’re more interested in sleeping under the stars, you might want to try some unique camping gifts. If they’re more into traveling, maybe a waterproof dry bag would be good. 

These are just suggestions, but one thing’s for certain: With this holiday gift guide, you’re bound to find the perfect present for your avid adventurer.

What to Get Someone Who Likes Hiking?

Having done a good bit of hiking in colder seasons myself, I’ll tell you that you can never go wrong with warm clothes and waterproof gear. You never know what the elements have in store, even if you’ve religiously checked the weather channel. Let’s get into clothes first: 

Essential Hiking Clothes

  1. A beanie. This is essential for anyone going hiking this season. You’d be surprised how little blood is in your ears, and how cold they get.
  2. Gloves. When thinking about what to wear hiking in fall, gloves are often overlooked, but super important to keep your hands warm and functional. 
  3. A buff. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘What do you get someone who hikes?’, but trust me, your pal will be thankful. Buffs are compact scarves that are amazing at keeping you warm on long treks. 
  4. Warm, breathable base layers. Cotton absorbs moisture and may give you hypothermia - don’t give it to hikers! Find breathable, flexible fabrics to give.
  5. Good leggings. These make for perfect gifts for outdoorsy women (or anyone who needs some leggings) - they’re soft, warm, flexible, and fun!
  6. Light jackets & outer layers. Don’t bog your pal down with down jackets that are way too heavy. Light clothes are top-tier choices.
  7. A rain jacket.  No good guide on gifts for outdoor lovers is complete without this! Make sure your loved one is prepped, rain or shine!
  8. GOOD hiking boots. Spare no expense here. Hikers love to, uh, hike. So, if you’re going to get them boots, make sure they’re quality! No sense in hiking with wet and/or sore feet. 

Essential Hiking Gear

  1. A hammock. These are great for sleeping or lounging in when you need a hike break. We have a large assortment right here: From 2 person hammocks to kids hammocks, your outdoorsy pal will be swinging in the lap of luxury. 
  2. Hammock accessories. Hammocks are cool, but what about extra gear to make them cooler? XL hammock tree straps are a must for any hammock hanger, as well as our hammock hanging kit. Hanging hammocks will go from a pain to a pleasure!
  3. A waterproof bag. Even beginner hikers know to keep their electronics and valuables dry. That’s why a waterproof bag should be at the top of anyone’s holiday gift guide for hikers. 

Lost on What to Gift Someone Who Loves Nature?

Those who want to spend all of their time in nature are probably enthralled in the world of camping. What’s better than hanging out under the sun? Sleeping under the stars! Here are some top camping gift ideas to get you started.

What Are Some Good Camping Gifts?

  1. A tent. Obvious, but essential! Depending on how many people you’re buying for, make sure to get a spacious and durable one for your loved one.
  2. A tent footprint. This is a durable tarp to put in between your tent and the ground. It prolongs your tents life, adds an extra waterproof layer, and makes it easier to pitch a tent. 
  3. Heavy duty tent stakes. It gets windy outside - don’t leave your nature-loving friend running for cover!
  4. A camping pillow. These make incredible gifts for outdoor lovers and backpackers alike. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy!
  5. A camping towel. Camping by a body of water, or looking to use the campground shower? With a camping towel, your pal won’t stress it.
  6. A camping quilt. This insulated quilt is a must have for those looking to camp where it’s cooler. Buy this for someone who wants to snuggle up while they sleep outside. 
  7. An outdoor blanket. This coverup is super durable and works amazingly well as a picnic mat or a waterproof outdoor blanket - choose your adventure!
  8. Dry bags for camping. These not only keep your electronics safe, they’re excellent for keeping all your camping gear in order. Plus, this set comes with 3 different sizes!

What Do You Get for an Adventurous Friend Who Travels?

Know anyone who’s trying out the ‘#vanlife’ trend, or are looking to backpack around the world? I know I do. Like, at least 3 people in my life want to drive cross country in a van or climb some kind of Peruvian mountain. So, for those people, here are some great gift ideas: 

  1. A portable cooler bag. Whether you’re driving or walking long distances, having cold beverages and meats is a high priority. Show your pal the high life with one of these amazing cooler bags! 
  2. A hammock chair. There’s never been a more stylish way to take a seat and relax. This is particularly good for those traveling in their car who want to stop and hang out under a tree or a little while.
  3. A beach towel. You never know when you’re going to come across a beach, and with this large microfiber towel, your traveler will always stay dry.

What to Get Someone Who Likes the Outdoors (When You Don’t Know What to Give)

It’s hard to give gifts to people you don’t know so well - so these generic but very useful gifts are guaranteed to please! 

  1. Some microfiber gym towels. Outdoors doesn’t always mean, well, outdoors. Those who want to hit the climbing gym (or just a regular gym) to get some practice in would be delighted to get these microfiber body towels.
  2. A gift card. Can’t go wrong here! Gift cards are everyone’s way of saying “Who knows what you would want better than you? Not me, but I still want to give you something”. And that’s special in its own way. 

Put as little as $5 or as much as $200 on this gift card to make the outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) (or outdoorsperson) in your life a real happy camper. 


I hope this holiday gift guide has steered you in the right direction, and if it hasn’t, don’t tell me. 

If you looked through this list and didn’t find the exact gift you were looking for, no stress - we’ve got a plethora of great gifts for outdoor lovers on our website, so don’t miss out! 

Happy shopping!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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