How to Guarantee a Fun Camping Trip with Children

June 14, 2021

How to Guarantee a Fun Camping Trip with Children

Hi Woo Family, 

Sometimes camping gets a bad rap from parents. We understand that not everyone enjoys sleeping in a tent with restless children and several families try camping once then proclaim, “never again!”. However, camping can be a lot of fun for parents and the kiddos. Camping gives you a chance to reconnect with nature and unplug from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. Camping also provides an economically practical vacation versus booking an elaborate trip to the beach or amusement parks.  If you are wondering whether to book a camping getaway this year, read on for some helpful tips.


Lodging: Remember to Take it Easy

The younger your kids are, the more sensible it is to head to a family campsite with amenities – at least until everyone is comfortable with sleeping outside. Family campsites are also a great resource if you are new to camping the often have picnic tables, showers, dedicated play areas, and nature-based activities for the whole crew.


The Tent 

Younger children should always share your tent. That does not mean you all need to be sleeping on top of each other. Look for a large family tent that has separate dedicated sleep areas. If your kids are older, ask them if they would rather sleep in their own tent. If they do, pitch it next to the main tent. You and your kids will be happy with the extra privacy.


Comfortable Beds

At first, kids may have a hard time settling down in a natural environment. Make sure their sleeping bag is warm enough and they have a sleeping pad for extra comfort. Temperatures can drop drastically at night, so a warm sleeping bag is a must-have. Purchase the appropriate sleeping bag for the weather conditions.


Feed Them More

If you are planning on hitting the trails or doing some biking keep one thing in mind a grumpy kid is often a hungry kid. Children don’t have the same fat and energy reserves that adults do. Feed them often and remind them to stay hydrated (we provide some tips here). Make sure to pack food that they actually like, but also delivers energy: nuts, cheese, fruit, peanut butter, and even chocolate.


Remember to have a fun time and really reconnect with each other as a family. You’ll definitely walk away with memories to last a lifetime.  Have you ever taken your kids camping? What are some of your favorite family camping memories?


Safe Travels, 

Wise Owl Team