Staying Warm While Winter Hammocking

December 14, 2020

Staying Warm While Winter Hammocking


Hello again, WOO family!


We hope you’re all staying warm and safe this holiday season.


Speaking of staying warm- did you know that you can use your hammock comfortably in the winter, as well? We want to share a few quick tips with you so that you can enjoy your hammock year-round.


1) Choose Your Spot Wisely

Wind is your enemy when winter hammocking. Find a spot within a dense forest, behind a boulder, or anywhere near a natural windbreaker to hang your hammock.

2)  Bundle Up!

Blankets won’t cut it when the temps dip to 40º, so be sure to bring along an Underquilt as well. (We just launched our own- )


3) Pillow Protector

We suggest that you bring along a pillow as an extra layer between your head and the cold nylon. Not only will you likely be comfier, leading to better sleep, but you’ll also increase overall body warmth by insulating your head.


4) Use a Tarp to Trap Heat

It’s essential to trap heat around your body when winter hammocking. The Wisefly Rain Tarp is will do the trick, keeping in warmth and staving off the wind/snow. (


5) Top Quilt

Top quilts are just plain cozy. Since they don’t have a full zipper (or any zipper) like a sleeping bag, they make hammock entry and exit easy.

6) Boil Your Way To Warmth

Before you head in for the night, boil some water and pour it in a Nalgene or other bottle. Put some socks on and place the hot bottle in the foot of your sleeping bag. The warmth-factor is off the charts, so be sure to avoid burning your skin!

That’s all the tips we have for today. We hope you enjoy your week, and use these tips this winter!

Until next time,

Wise Owl Team

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