The Best Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Hammock Owners

February 08, 2021

couple on a valentine's date in a hammock holding hands

Blog written by Wise Owl Outfitters.

Love is in the air, baby! And what better way to celebrate than with your loved one? Nothing, that’s what. But, we have to ask - What is the best way to celebrate? What are the most common date ideas? And, most importantly, how can we include a hammock? 

Well, dear reader, it’s easier than you might think. It turns out that you can have a date….in a hammock! That’s right! No crazy spending, no tedious travel, just you and your partner hangin’ out

Sounds like a kickass idea, right? We thought so. But, you might be a little stumped on how exactly you can celebrate your love while swinging in a super comfortable hammock. No sweat! We’ve got a list here of super fun Valentines Day date ideas (indoor and outdoor) that you can do while swinging and smooching! (This article also has some great Valentine's gifts for outdoorsy women and men in your life, so read on!)

What is a Hammock Date?

This is a great question. We here at Wise Owl have done copious amounts of research for what constitutes a hammock date, and have come to this conclusion: Any long period of time in which you’re hanging out with your significant other, but in a hammock. Boom. Done

That being said, making the date more fun than just sitting and swinging with your S/O is easy! You can do all sorts of things in a hammock - Eat, drink, sleep, chat, listen to music, watch a movie on your phone...the list is endless! 

Essentially, a hammock date is just being with your partner in a hammock. Fun, simple, and relaxing. 

What’s the Best Hammock to Get for Two?

Now that we’ve mastered that complex definition, let’s get to the heart of the matter: What hammocks are comfortable enough to support two whole people for a hammock date? Another amazing question that we have the solution to. 

Enter the DoubleOwl camping hammock. Not only this is an amazing gift for outdoorsy people - this spacious, ultra cozy hammock is designed for hammock dates, whether you’re in the backwoods or in your backyard. It can hold up to 500lbs easily, it’s got tons of breathing room, it comes with sturdy straps, and also looks mad stylish. 

(For those of us swinging solo, we also have SingleOwl hammocks. Just sayin’.)

We’re equipped with our hammock - now let’s get into this Valentine's Day date ideas!

couple enjoying indoor hammock date for valentine's day

At Home Date Ideas with Hammocks

The Backyard Hangout

Having trouble finding time for a date night or just short on funds? You don’t have to travel far for this one - why go to the park when you can go to the yard?
For a fun (and free) at home date night idea, take your hammock into the backyard, tie it in between two trees, and chill out! For an extra amount of fun, screen a movie with a projector and grab some popcorn! 

The Indoor Adventure

For those of us in colder climates, outdoor adventuring isn’t always an option. Luckily, our hammocks work just as well indoors as they do outdoors! For a cozy Valentines Day date idea, try getting some blankets and pillows and setting up a hammock in your living room. It’s adventurous and fun, without the wind and rain!
If you love this and want to make it a permanent installment, we don’t blame you - try our indoor hammock chair for 24/7 comfort! 

couple enjoying valentine's date outdoors in a hammock

Outdoorsy Hammock Date Ideas

Comfortable Camping

Camping is already romantic, so why not take it up a notch with a soothing hammock? This is one of our favorite Valentine's Day date ideas, as we’ve written articles on hammock camping before (LINK) that document just how pleasant it can be - so all you have to do is add some romantic touches and you’re done! . Lighten your camping load significantly by packing your hammock as your new under-the-stars deluxe bed!

This is a perfect date idea for outdoorsy couples (and makes a great wedding gift for outdoorsy couples for those getting ready to tie the knot)!

The Hammock Picnic

Tired of roaming around the park, looking for the perfect patch of grass that isn’t wet, dirty, bumpy, or covered with bugs? Well, why include the ground at all when you can stay perfectly clean and comfy without it?
Take your hammock out to the nearest park, forest, or campsite. Bring a cheese board, some juice (or wine), water, and chocolate. Bring a speaker. Bring a hammock. And just like that, you’ve got the perfect hammock picnic date.

Spontaneous Adventuring

What do you get someone who is adventurous for Valentine’s Day? An EXPERIENCE, that’s what! We suggest finding a fun, outdoor area near you (this could be anything - a park, an urban area, the beach, a lake, a river, an overlook...anywhere in your hometown that you can adventure around. You name it!), and setting up the ultimate spot. Bring food, gear, anything you need to explore. Once you’re done, your hammock will be waiting with open arms and relaxing vibes. 

Festival Fun

Going to a concert, event, or carnival? Hammocks are the ultimate essential here (especially for multi-day events). The only thing that makes a concert or festival better, is enjoying that concert or festival inside the warm embrace of a hammock with your loved one. 

Seriously, we can’t count how many times we’ve seen hammocks present at EDM concerts, drive-in movies (really!), and even major carnivals. They’re a relaxing, cheap way to rest your feet after a serious day of fun - and they make for a perfect hammock date to end the night with. 

Final Thoughts

There’s 2 things we here at Wise Owl know - hammocks and romance. Also outdoors stuff. So maybe 3 things. 

Either way, we hope this gives you some Valentine’s Day date ideas to think about before everyone’s favorite day of romance and whimsy - and if you’re looking for any other tips, tricks, or hammock recommendations, be sure to check out our blog and website

Have a lovely day!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor


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