The Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist for 2022

March 04, 2022

Camping Essentials Checklist for outdoor camping all year long

We’ve been cooped up for too long, people. 2 years too long. So what better way to get out of the house than to get out of the house and also sleep outside of the house?

Yes, camping has been a staple of humanity since caveman times, when they had to camp because houses weren’t invented yet. But, now that we have the technology to make our camping experience better than sleeping in a wet cave, how are we supposed to know what the latest and greatest camping supplies are to make our trip a memorable one? 

We here at Wise Owl have heard your cries for answers, and shall provide. We’ve got the skivvy on all of the camping essentials that have hit the top of the list for 2022 - from tents to blankets to tent footprints (what is that, you ask? We’ll get there.) to hammocks to accessories, and everything in between. 

So gather around the campfire, young campers, as we give you the ultimate camping list of must-haves for outdoor living in 2022! 

Spring Camping Essentials Checklist for outdoor camping

The Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

Those of us who don’t know what to bring camping or where to start need look no further. This is the ultimate list that has everything you’ll ever need to thrive outdoors in a chic, comfortable, and cost-effective way. If you see anything missing, don’t tell us, because we worked really hard on this and don’t take criticism well.

Let’s get started!

couple setting up a camping tent which is a camping essential

2022’s Most Popular Camping Essentials

1. A Cabin Tent

Cabin tents have shot up in popularity this year, and for good reason! These kinds of tents are spacious, durable, and most importantly, extremely easy to set up. Cabin tents have built-in rods, so you don’t have to stress out about which rods go where and if you’re missing one. This Coleman cabin tent is a personal favorite of ours because it’s waterproof, roomy, and comes in different sizes - which is why it’s on the top of our list of essential camping supplies for 2022!

2. A Tent Footprint

More and more people are realizing just how important these often overlooked little tarps are. Tent footprints are an absolute necessity for beginning and pro campers alike! They protect the floor of your tent from sharp or harmful objects, they keep your tent clean, and help to keep your tent insulated in the cold! We recommend adding this versatile Wise Owl tent footprint to your list of camping essentials this year for sure - comes with all the tools needed, plus a useful carrying case.

3. An All-Seasons Sleeping Bag

Why buy a bunch of sleeping bags for each season like a goon when you can save money for other camping supplies by getting a sleeping bag for 3 seasons in 1?? We can’t think of a good reason. This insulated 3-season sleeping bag is an absolute must for 2022’s turbulent, global warming-influenced weather (what a depressing, dystopian sentence. Sorry. We all have jobs we’re trying to do. This is mine). It traps heat in the cold, releases it in the heat, and is totally waterproof. 

4. An Insulated Blanket

Another camping essential for the colder seasons! This Wise Owl insulated blanket is perfect for snuggling up by the campfire, or staying warm in your cabin tent. We also have an amazing picnic blanket/tarp too, which is a great solution for those who hate getting mud on their butt when they sit down.

5. A First Aid Kit

Anything can happen in the great outdoors. No laws. No rules. Just survival and isolation. So, safety first, ladies and germs!

This first aid kit rules, and should be on everyone’s camping list. It’s easy to carry, has 32 different medical items for every kind of emergency, and looks exactly like you’d expect it to, which is oddly satisfying. It kind of looks like an accessory someone cosplaying as a nurse would have. 

mom using a solar panel to charge phone while camping

2022’s Most Popular Camping Accessories

1. A Camping Hammock (and Accessories)

Hammocks have shot up in popularity this year, because they’re comfortable, easy to travel with, and swing you back and forth like a tiny little baby. If you’re looking for a new way to camp, you might want to ditch the tent all together and just try one of these Wise Owl camping hammocks on your next trip.

Don’t forget the added hammock camping essentials either (such as a bug net, hammock sleeve, and rain tarp) to keep you safe from mother nature’s unforgiving wrath. 

2. A Dry Bag

These don’t seem necessary until your expensive iPhone drops into the river you’re trying to take a picture of. The Wise Owl dry bags are ultra lightweight, include an air-tight seal, and even have an added phone case to ensure you never make that mistake again.

3. A Water Purifier

Not only is this a camping essential, it’s a literal lifesaver. Even if you bring enough water with you, accidents happen. It might spill. Or maybe sasquatch will get into it.
Whatever happens, having a water purifier on hand is perfect for not just avid campers, but avid hikers as well! Here’s a handy article on great ones to get (and the difference between filters and purifiers)!

4. A Solar Charger

Having a phone die on you is a devastating feeling that we can only associate with the feeling of losing a part of your brain. If you plan on camping for a while, put a solar charger on your camping list. They’ve become especially popular this year, because they liberate you from society without liberating you from social media. A win/win!

Those are the absolute must-have camping essentials for 2022! But, if you’re looking for something a little extra, here are even more accessories for those who want an even more memorable camping experience:

Extra Must-Haves for Expert Camping

  • Some Trekking Poles
  • Some Camping or Beach Towels
  • A Hammock Underquilt
  • A Camping & Travel Pillow
  • A Sling Cooler Bag
  • A Waterproof Lighter

  • a couple roasting marshmallows by the fire using camping essentials

    Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Essentials

    What Should You Not Forget When Camping?

    Well, there are a lot of things you should bring, but you can live without them outdoors. If you’re long-distance hiking and/or looking to go with the bare camping essentials only, only, you’ll need a lightweight camping hammock, a water bottle, several changes of clothes, enough days worth of food, a water purifier, a headlamp, and, if it’s cold, an extra blanket. If you play your cards right, all of these should fit in a large travel backpack. 

    What Are the Best Camping Supplies for Each Season?

    Unless you’re in the south or rich enough to be somewhere in California, the weather’s gonna change on you. Each season requires some variations in camping gear, which can be a little confusing - but we’ve got you covered! Here is the best camping stuff to bring for each season:

    Spring Camping Gear

    All of the above, plus…

    • Warm (but light) clothes
    • Waterproof boots for the rainy season
    • A rain tarp
    • A light sleeping bag 
    • Solar lantern
    • Fire starter for a campfire (in acceptable locations only!)

    Summer Camping Gear

    All of the above, plus…

    • Sunscreen
    • A super light sleeping bag
    • A tent sun shade
    • High quality sunglasses

    Fall Camping Gear

    All of the above, plus…

    • Warm, moisture-wicking layers 
    • A water-resistant jacket
    • Good hiking boots
    • Warm socks
    • A 3-season tent 
    • A sleeping pad
    • A camp stove & fuel

    Winter Camping Gear 

    All of the above, plus…

    • A 4-season tent
    • (If hammock camping) a hammock sleeve and underquilt
    • A cold-weather sleeping bag 
    • A camp stove & fuel 
    • A headlamp 
    • A lantern 
    • A heavyweight down jacket & layers 
    • Ski pants
    • Trekking poles

    What Should You Not Bring Camping?

    So, now we know all about camping essentials of 2022…but what should we leave behind? Surprisingly, there’s a lot on this list that we can really do without while camping - whether it wastes space or bogs us down, here’s a list of things you should leave off your camping list for your next big trip this year:

    • ANY cologne, perfumes, or scented lotions. Leave this stuff out of your camping supplies! These scents can attract pesky bugs and mosquitos, and also they make everything in their vicinity smell a little bit.
    • Glassware. You never need glass in the wilderness. It may break, make a mess, or even hurt you. Leave it out! 
    • Expensive jewelry & clothes. Things get messy out there. You may lose your jewelry or ruin your clothes, so leave ‘em at home! 
    • Family-size containers of food. If you’re traveling with the whole fam, this may seem like a good thing to add to your list of camping stuff to bring. WRONG! They take up space, can lead to food waste, and they’re hard to portion. Don’t bother with it!

    Final Thoughts About Camping Essentials

    Get everything on this list to be the most chic camper of the year. Or just get a few of those things if you’re not made of money. It’s up to you! Either way, we certainly hope this has helped you. If you want any other tips, insight, or amazing camping gear, just check out our website

    Don’t get eaten by a bear!

    Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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