Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Indoor Hammock

October 12, 2021

indoor hammock chair in cute summer cottage bedroom

When you picture relaxation, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Swinging between two palm trees in a hammock! (If you thought of anything else, just pretend you thought of that).

So now imagine that you’re swinging in a hammock...from the comfort of your home. Idyllic, right? You didn’t even have to travel to wherever 2 perfectly hammock-distanced palm trees are. This is the beauty of the indoor hammock

Despite what you may imagine the requirements are, adding a hammock swing in your house takes little time, little space, and little work - for a lot of results. Adding an indoor hammock chair or swing completely changes a room in all the best ways. A reading room becomes the coziest nook anyone has ever seen. Your kids’ bedroom has become a fantastical land of relaxation. The living room has become the place with the hammock swing chair that all of your friends will fight over when they’re over for drinks. And it’s all because of your indoor hammock

Now, if you’re still unsure or have questions, that’s fair. I once visited and looked at a Craigslist couch 6 times before I made the purchase. But listen, we’re going to go over everything so you feel safe and secure about making this life-changing decision. The safety measures, the how-tos, the reasons why, and more. By the time we’re done here, you’re going to wonder why every home doesn’t come with an indoor hammock chair pre-installed. Hanging hammock chairs is a basic human right!”, you’ll say.

Anyway, let’s get swinging!

Are Indoor Hammocks Safe?

Yes. Most indoor hanging chairs are built to withstand a lot of weight without budging. But, if you’re still feeling cautious, I recommend trying out our homebody hammock chair! It’s made from a sturdy beige cotton canvas material, and held up with extremely strong polyester cotton ropes for evenly balanced weight distribution. Moreover, the chic indie design makes it cozy home decor you’ll never want to be without! 

Now, it’s important to note that a hammock swing chair is only safe if you install it properly. But don’t worry, we’re going to get into that right now!

How Do You Hook Up a Hammock Indoors?

This varies depending on where exactly you’re putting your new indoor hammock, as well as which kind! Regular indoor hammocks will require wall installation, while a hammock swing chair will require ceiling installation. Luckily for you, we’re gonna go over both! 

Installing a Regular Indoor Hammock

1. Grab your gear.

First, you’ll need the gear! Try this hammock hanging kit, which holds up to 500 lbs and gives you everything you need (minus a stud finder, a drill, and measuring tape (if necessary)) to hang your hammock on wall studs, posts, or trees (if you’re taking the classic route). 

You’ll obviously need a hammock, too. Check out these incredible indoor or outdoor hammocks to find the one that suits your fancy!  

2. Determine the angle, height, and sag.

You’ll want to pick a corner or area for your hammock swing that won’t impede on an entryway. You’ll also want to pick 2 points that aren’t ridiculously far apart, so you’re not taking up the whole room. You’ll also want to make sure that it isn’t too high or low off the ground, and that it isn’t too scrunched together so that you can’t lay in it. Make sure it’s at least 6 feet in length for the optimal experience! 

3. Find the stud in your wall.

Do not, under any circumstances, hang your rope hammock on drywall alone!! Drywall can’t handle the weight! This is why you need a stud finder to make sure you’re hitting a solid surface. After you’ve found the stud, you can drill in your wall mounts and secure your hammock ropes. 

4. Once installed, test out your hammock!

Testing the weight capacity is essential to make sure no accidents occur! Once you’ve determined whether or not it’s safe, kick back, relax, and take a load off in your new indoor hammock!

Installing a Hammock Swing Chair

1. Again, grab your gear!

You’ll need hanging hardware for this one - a stud finder, a drill, and an eye hook are all you need. Oh, plus the hammock chair. Duh! 

2. Find your location!

This takes less time than a normal hammock, since you’re taking up less space. Try putting it in an area where people often sit or gather in your home. You can also try putting it in your reading room, kids room, or by your bed as a bedroom hammock!

3. Find and mark the stud on the ceiling.


4. Drill a hole for the eye hook(s).

Once you have the hole drilled, screw in your eye hooks. As it gets more difficult, you may want to grab pliers to secure it completely. 

5. Attach and test your hammock swing chair!

Make sure you measure how much rope you’ll need so that you can comfortably sit on it. Once you’ve tested it for safety, get lounging! 

How Much Weight Can an Indoor Hammock Hold

Most indoor hammocks can support the weight of up to 300lbs without becoming stressed. 

Our hammocks and hammock chair can hold up to 500lbs without stress! 

How Do You Hang an Indoor Hammock Without Damaging Walls

This is hard - the reality is, the only way you can install a hammock without damaging your walls is if you already have pillars, posts, poles, or stair rails in your home. If you do, Tying up your indoor hammock should be a breeze! 

Top 5 Reasons to Have an Indoor Hammock or Hammock Chair

If you’re still feeling a little uninspired, I’ve got you. Here’s a list of 5 reasons that prove why you need to make the step to get an indoor hammock to get your home looking chic and oh-so-cozy.

brother and sister playing with indoor hammock in living room at home

5. They’re Perfect for Kids

    As a (debatably) former child myself, I know that kids have a hard time being still and sitting down at the same time. Let’s take that out of the equation with a fashionable, productive indoor hammock swing that will become the ideal spot for your kid to read, play games, or just relax in! It can go in their bedroom, or make a great addition to a kids craft room! Swinging chairs are so also known to encourage focus and concentration for even the most restless brains, which every child most certainly has. 

    Regular kids hammocks work just as well! Put this in any corner for endless entertainment, an extra bed for sleepovers, and even fort building! 

    woman lying in a hammock in reading nook while reading a book

    4. They Make Excellent Additions to Reading Nooks

      Cozying up with a good book is already nice, but now imagine you’re cozying up in a soft, all-encompassing hammock with a good book! No better way to make reading time even more fun! Adding a hanging hammock chair will turn any spare reading room into a cozy reading nook you will never want to leave. 

      Moreover, indoor hammocks and chairs just look good. There is really no better way to make your room luxurious and chic with a more functional purpose. 

      indoor hammock chair in indie bohemian styled office in loft apartment

      3. They’re Great for a Boho/Indie Aesthetic

      The best thing about boho and indie designs is that they’re so broad and diverse, they never really go out of style. The second best thing is that hammocks and hanging lounge chairs fit the aesthetic PERFECTLY! Nothing says indie and boho like relaxation, and nothing says relaxation like a hammock. Our polyester hammock swinging chair especially fits the simple-yet-suave boho hammock vibe that any for your indie aesthetic room

      black indoor hammock in modern sunroom with plants in background

      2. They Can Liven Up Your Sunroom

        Any of us blessed with a room dedicated to the star that keeps us alive know that a hanging chair and/or indoor hammock is a necessity. How else are we going to lay comfortably in the sun like a cat than the sun room? Which I know is what we all want? This is the only way. Install your hammock swing chair or regular hammock in any sun room and know that once you get inside, you may sleep forever. It’s that powerful!

        women sitting in hammock chair outdoors smiling enjoying the sunshine

        1. They’re Good for Your Back and Spine

          Are hammock chairs good for your back?”, you wonder, worried that they simply might be too good to be true. You’ve come to the right place, my friend. The answer is a resounding YES! Hammocks and hammock chairs aren’t just cozy, they’re great for your back and spine! According to the American Sports Institute, indoor hammocks and hammock swings can: 

          • Help with balance 
          • Strengthen your core 
          • Help with motor control
          • Straighten and support your back and spine 
          • Improve concentration and focus 
          • Encourage relaxation and meditation
          • Help you to be more active 
          • Relieve neck pain 

          And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will! 

          Final Thoughts 

          An indoor hanging chair or hammock is life changing, life improving, and life giving. I may sound dramatic, but really - it’s changed my life. I don’t just read, I swing and read. I don’t just chat, I relax and chat. I don’t just send my kid into their room, I send my kid into their room that also has a hammock swing chair. It really is all that. 

          If you’re in and looking for all things hammock and hammock accessories, check out our website, which is really the grand-master of all hammock websites. 

          Swing away, dear reader!  

          Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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