Valentines Day Hammock Date Ideas

February 08, 2021

Valentines Day Hammock Date Ideas

Hey WOO family,

Love is in the air...

And you can be, too! Check out these 5 fun date ideas that your partner is sure to love! (And they all include a hammock!)


There's no reason to have to search around trying to find a perfectly flat, soft piece of ground to set up your next picnic.

Find a nice set of trees, bring a speaker, pack some beer/wine and a cheese plate, and you’ve got an elevated picnic experience! 



Have trouble finding time for a date night or just short on funds? Don’t fret! You won’t have to travel far to spend quality time with your significant other.

Just set up a hammock haven in your backyard and you’ve got yourself a new favorite spot for reading books, spending time together, and de-stressing after work. We recommend dressing it up with twinkle lights! 


DATE #3 - Go camping!

Lighten your camping packing list significantly and pack your hammock as your new under-the-stars deluxe bed. Experience camping and nature in an entirely new way with hammock camping!

There's nothing better than laying in a hammock next to your partner and staring at the stars.


DATE #4 - Be spontaneous!

Sometimes the best place to bring your hammock is nowhere in particular.

Explore your hometown and find the best places to hang out together. Many towns have an "overlook" that would be ideal for setting up your hammock!

Hammocking is a lifestyle that requires (and creates) adventurous couples!


DATE #5 - Festival Hammock Date

Whether it be an outdoor concert in the park or with your own portable speaker, swinging between the trees is the best way to enjoy music together! You can even create your own special romantic playlist.


We hope you got some inspiration from this list, and have a wonderful time!


With love,

Wise Owl Team