The hammock is Cocooning Me (Wrapping up the Sides)

I had the same problem the first time I tried laying in a hammock. Please try laying at a diagonal angle, not laying straight inside of it. If you lay directly in the middle it will cocoon you. The hammock should not be pulled tight. You should have a little bit of slack in it so you can get in and out. Try this and let me know how it goes.  Thank you for being a customer and supporting our family business. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at any time. 

What is the Hammock Weight Limit?

Our hammocks support 500 lbs. This weight is tested as force weight. When sudden force is put on a hammock or straps the weight can be exponentially higher than just sitting or laying weight. If you just place items, people, etc... in a hammock, or on the end of straps you can put a much higher weight than even 500 lbs, although we want to make sure that our customers are safe and do not overdo it so we put the weight at 500 lbs.

Hammock Strap Differences? Talon vs. Lite

Our Talon Tree Straps that can be purchased by themselves are each 10 feet long with 19 loops on each strap (many adjustments). 

The Straps that come with hammocks on labeled bundles are 9 ft long (with 5 loops on each strap) & ready to adjust to your comfort level. 

Carabiners Weight Limit?

Made from aircraft grade aluminum and can withstand up to 2967 lbs. of force. Although we want to make sure that our customers are safe and do not over do it so we put the weight at 500 lbs.  They are heavy duty with each one weighing 2.2oz. 

Can I wash my hammock?

Wash your hammock in the washing machine on the gentle setting. First, remove the carabiners on each end, put it in the washer, by itself, with a small amount of soap and wash it with a lot of cold water. Then hang it to dry. This removes most stains.

Extra Tip : SAP - If you happened to get sap on your hammock, you can usually get this out by using a baby wipe n it before you throw it in the wash.

Can I use my Hammock as a Bed?

We have many customers who install them in their households all the time.  Check out our Hammock Hanging Kits. In truth, hammocks have been used by humans for more than a thousand years and have been put to use by millions as full-time beds. In many places, people easily go their entire lives without sleeping anywhere but a hammock. You should try it for yourself first to see if this is a good fit for you. 

How do I wash my WOO Towels?

Tip #1

Wash your towels with like colors before first use.

Tip #2

Hang dry your towel using the snap loop located at the corner of the towel. To get the longest possible use out of your towel it is best not to dry your towel in your home dryer.

Tip #3

Do not iron your towel.

Can you recommend a stand for my Wise Owl Hammock?

For the stand, you just want to get one that is approximately the correct length. There is not necessarily one that we would recommend over another. The single hammock is 9 1/2 ft long and the double is 10 ft long so any stand that is a minimum of 10 feet across would work great since they will not be pulled completely tight.

What is the Ultralight Camping Hammock Weight?

The Ultralight Hammock weighs 6.5 ounces. The Carabiners (2) weigh a combined 1.5 ounces. The straps (2) weigh a combined 7.5 ounces. Total weight for the complete set up of hammock, straps and carabiners totals only 15.5 ounces.

What is the R-Value on the Sleeping Pads?

R-Value on the Sleeping Pads: Bubble = 1.9R, Wavy=2.2R

Is There a Difference in your Sleeping Pads from the Wavy or the Bubble? 

There is a difference in the R-Value on the Sleeping Pads as well as the size. The Bubble has a 1.9R value and inflates to 73" x 22.  While the Wavy has an 2.2R value and pad inflates to 75" x 25".

How do I hang my hammock?

     1. Find two sturdy objects 10 - 15 ft apart.

  1. Wrap a hammock strap around one side.

  2. Put the end with multiple loops through the end with only one.

  3. Pull the strap tight and clip the carabiner from your hammock through one of the loops.

  4. Repeat on the other side then adjust the loop that the carabiner is clipped to attain the proper height from the ground(~18 inches). Enjoy!


Is the Rain Tarp Waterproof?

Our Rain Tarps are made of the highest quality 210 T Ripstop Waterproof nylon that has an impenetrable water barrier with waterproof taped seams. This means that no water will get through it. We do not add an extra coating of anything on our tarps. Our tarps have a rating of 3000 mm water pressure.

Is the Hammock Waterproof?

The hammocks are not waterproof, but our Rain Tarps are and really complete any setup. Check out our awesome Rain Tarps Here: https://www.wiseowloutfitters.com/products/wisefly-rain-tarp


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