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Our Sponge pillow is a great inflatable pillow type option. It’s aptly named the “Sponge Pillow” because of its sponge-like outer layer that gives the user a soft and squishy feel that one might desire. It’s sort of a mix between our foam and inflatable pillows.

  • Our extremely lightweight pillow has a soft to touch material that will feel like silk against your sleepy head.
  • 4 Color Variants
  • Designed with a drawstring closure to keep your size small pillow compressed down
  • Easily Clean With A Damp Cloth
  • Smart Air Valve (Air won't leak while blowing it up)
Tech Specs 
  • Material: TPU material
  • Size:17” x 13”
  • Size when Packed: 4” x 2.5” compressed 
  • Weight: 3.2 OZ

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