Microfiber Beach Towel (7' x 4')



Nothing should come between you and enjoying that laid-back beach lifestyle.

A Wise Owl Outfitters oversized beach towel is just the thing for lounging on or drying off with - fast.

Microfiber technology makes staying dry for surfing, watersports, camping, hiking, swimming or anything else easy. They’re big, strong and soft and comfortable. Plus they’re also sand repellant so it’ll be your new best friend at the beach. 

Each one has millions of ultra-absorbent individual fibers that suck up and wick liquid away from your body. They can hold as much as seven times their own weight in liquid. But because the droplets are spread so thinly over so many individual strands the towel dries out incredibly quickly as well.

With a Wise Owl Outfitters, microfiber towel you can save weight and space, dry quicker and make time for doing something much more fun.

  • 7ft long by 4ft wide
  • 5” by 3” when packed away
  • 20 ounces
  • 80% polyester 20% polyamide
  • Available in blue, grey and green