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When you want the strongest, most durable, and thickest hammock straps for your set-up, the Wise Owl Talon XL Hammock Straps are the way to go!

Because we designed these hammock straps to have extra-wide coverage making them very tree-friendly, being triple stitched at each connection/tension point, and having 38 connection loops for limitless adjustments these might be the best straps on the market. Upgrade to these hammock straps and you’ll be glad you did.

Hammock strap features

  • Reinforced high Failure Points
  • Works with any hammock
  • Less than a minute set up

Hammock Strap TECH SPECS

  • Hammock Straps Material: Ripstop material
  • Each strap is 10 Feet long x 1 Inch Thick
  • 38 Connection Loops, 19 on each strap

How to use Talon Hammock Straps

Our hammock straps make setting up a breeze. You can set them up by just wrapping them around the tree and thread through one loop, then clip the carabiners on one of the loops on the strap that gives your hammock just enough slack and tension at the same time. Now, sometimes the trees have a thinner trunk so you can wrap the hammock straps around the truck about two times. Then thread the end through the single loop to make sure it's wrapped nicely around. These ways have worked very well! Give our hammock straps a try and let us know what you think!

How much weight do the hammock straps hold?

The hammock straps together support 500 lbs. This weight is tested as force weight. When sudden force is put on a hammock or straps the weight can be exponentially higher than just sitting or laying weight. If you just place items, people etc... in a hammock, or on the end of straps you can put a much higher weight than even 500 lbs, although we want to make sure that our customers are safe and do not over do it so we put the weight at 500 lbs.

How small do the XL Talon Hammock Straps pack down to?

Just like our compact Wise Owl Hammocks, our Talon Hammock Tree Straps pack down small to only 5x5x2 inches.